Walther’s heritage

Thank you for the superb October special issue of The Lutheran Witness. I wish that some of our LCMS churches would pay particular attention to Walther’s passion for music and particularly his chief consideration that our hymns be pure in doctrine. John Vieker’s article “Born for Nothing but Music” points out that the Lord used Walther’s passion for music to provide the Missouri Synod with an enduring heritage. We are abandoning that heritage when our song selection is more directed to performance and entertainment, and we miss Dr. Walther’s essential criteria that our hymns be pure in doctrine, widely accepted as Lutheran, geared for corporate worship and contain the highest poetic integrity.

Richard Schroeder
Las Vegas, Nev.

I have been reading The Lutheran Witness for many, many years, and I believe that the October 2011 issue is probably the best issue ever or at least tied for that distinction. Kudos to The Lutheran Witness.

Diana McMaster
Romney, Ind.

Congratulations on another superb Lutheran Witness layout this time honoring C. F. W. Walther. But I am puzzled by a commemorative of him in which no mention is made of his lifelong, Bible-based stance on the place, purpose and power of the local congregation and of his seminal position on the priesthood of all believers, both of which appear to be under attack today to the detriment of Walther’s beloved Synod.

Rev. Charles S. Mueller, Sr.
Bloomingdale, Ill.

Thank you for the very special October issue of The Lutheran Witness featuring the life of our beloved C. F. W. Walther. I shall certainly keep it for future reference.

Marie Cripe
Jacksonville, Fla.

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