Lutheran Witness: October 2021

The October issue of The Lutheran Witness, “The Lutheran Confessions: A Reader’s Guide,” provides a toolkit for reading and understanding the Book of Concord, and commemorates the life and work of the late Rev. Paul T. McCain.


  • Unity in the Church by Confessing Together God’s Truth — Cameron MacKenzie
  • Confession of Faith — Erik Herrmann
  • Crucified with Christ: The life and service of Paul T. McCain — Matthew C. Harrison
  • Confessional Subscription — Charles P. Arand
  • Theological Mouthwash — Mark Bestul
  • Our Father’s Faith; Our Children’s Language — Mark Loest
  • The Church’s Flag — Sean Smith


  • snippets: News from around the LCMS and the world
  • terms, definitions, abbreviations: A short guide to the language and abbreviations in the Book of Concord
  • searching scriptures: The holy Christian church, the communion of saints

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