Lutheran Witness: October 2022

The October issue of The Lutheran Witness provides an overview of 12 Christian denominations, as well as the Lutheran response to their teachings.


  • Roman Catholic — Faith and works
  • Eastern Orthodoxy — Revelation in liturgy
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America — Diverse, inclusive, ecumenical
  • Anglican — The first English church
  • Reformed — Just remember TULIP
  • Presbyterian — Reformed theology in Scotland
  • Methodist — For attaining Christian perfection
  • Baptist — An American church
  • Pentecostal — Swallowing the Spirit
  • Amish & Mennonite — Christian pacifism
  • Non-Denominational — A new trend
  • The Article Upon Which the Church Stands or Falls


  • Snippets: News from around the LCMS and the world
  • Back to Bradbury: A story by Katie Schuermann, published in installments
  • Searching Scriptures: Walk in the Light

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