A song to treasure

I received my copy of the October Lutheran Witness today and was skimming through the articles. Seth Long’s “Foolish Things of the World” caught my eye, and I began to read the story. I got to the line that all understanding is trivial as long as we come to understand those six simple words: “Jesus loves me, this I know.” Just as I was reading those words, my 11-year old daughter began to play the song on her clarinet. Definitely a God moment! She was figuring out the notes so she could play a well-loved song. I believe God was using her to drive home the point Seth was making in the article. As I grow older, I actually treasure that song more than I did as a child. The simplicity does not take away from the Gospel shared so beautifully in this song.

Thanks for publishing such a neat article and an uplifting magazine. I look forward to receiving The Lutheran Witness each month.

Connie Bolte
York, Neb.


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