Affirming God’s law

We were blessed by President Kieschnick’s clear explanation of a biblical stance on homosexuality in his “Our Synod and Recent ELCA Actions” article in the October Lutheran Witness.

We have shared this article with church friends confused by headlines about “Lutherans and homosexuals” in the media. It is both a source of “truth telling” and a helpful resource of biblical references.

In addition, it was encouraging to know that the 34 churches of the International Lutheran Council agree with the LCMS. President Kieschnick writes that they “unanimously agreed that the practice of homosexuality violates the will of God.”

Finally, it is our prayer that everyone will focus on the important injunction in the last three paragraphs, where President Kieschnick reminds us of our “resolve to approach the homosexual with the deepest possible Christian care and concern” and the offer of Christ’s forgiveness.

We are blessed to know that the leader in our Synod does not shy away from confronting others in our Lutheran “family” with the truths of sin and grace, and that he reminds us of God’s calls to “speak the truth in love” to all who will listen, no matter how unpopular!

Rev. Tom Krause
Miriam Krause
Overland Park, Kan.


I was saddened to read in the secular news the ELCA’s decision to open their ministry to gay and lesbian pastors. I almost feel ashamed to be called a Lutheran.

It was gratifying to read President Kieschnick’s response in the October Lutheran Witness. Thank you, President Kieschnick, for your affirmation of the LCMS’s position that the Bible condemns homosexual behavior as “intrinsically sinful.” We must not be afraid to call sin what it is.

Richard E. Schroeder
Las Vegas, Nev.


I want to thank President Kieschnick for his clear and straightforward response to the ELCA’s recent declaration regarding homosexuality. I am grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ and praise His name for our Synod’s willingness to follow His Word. Praise the Lord!

Andrew Cook
Norwood Young America, Minn.


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