Being deeply thankful

Dr. Albert Collver’s October Lutheran Witness article, “A Mighty Fortress,” clearly pinpoints why we should be deeply thankful to call ourselves “Lutheran.” This is not because we follow Martin Luther as someone more than a man, but because we share in Luther’s firm stand on the holy Word of God and the comfort it brings to us broken sinners.

Dr. Collver’s article brings to the forefront the power and comfort the Scriptures carry with it. In a world filled with so much useless noise, this article illustrates the rich depth Luther saw in the words of Scripture. This article reminds us of the joyful gratitude we should have in being Lutheran, not simply in the historical sense of the Reformation, but in an identity that bears witness to Christ’s words, doing what they say.

So often today, Lutherans want to be everything else but Lutheran. Dr. Collver gives us good reason to cling to what Luther stood firm on, the words of the Lord. In an ever-changing world and society, the deep comfort of an unchanging truth is immeasurable to the struggles we face daily. I hope the value will be seen in articles like this that bring to light our great historical and theological background being so firmly grounded in the Word of God.

Vicar Kyle Krueger
Shorewood, Wis.


It was so informative and stimulating to read an article in The Lutheran Witness on the hymn of the Reformation, “A Mighty Fortress.” The hymn is truly an affirmation of faith, not only to be sung on Reformation Sunday, but at other times also. It is so inspiring. It is one of my favorite hymns.

May The Lutheran Witness continue to be a blessing to many!

Lois Schumacher
Fort Wayne, Ind.


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