Bringing back the hats–and respect

What fun it was to read the story of the women who decided to bring hats back to their Sunday-morning worship! And, while the story and its motivation made interesting reading, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if this same approach were taken to inspire all people to once again dress respectfully in church. Whether it is our own church, or when we visit other churches, we see everything from flip-flops to short shorts, ragged blue jeans, and revealing low necklines on teens (and even their mothers!). The man in a suit is an oddity, and the woman who looks like a woman a rarity. I’ve heard many say, “God doesn’t care what we wear,” and they may be right, but our dress often reflects our attitude and actions, and I doubt there is a church in America that couldn’t benefit from its parishioners dressing a little more respectfully.

After all, if we won’t dress respectfully for the Lord and Creator of the universe, for whom will we care enough about to dress respectfully?

Meredith Berg
Hudson, Wis.


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