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Sandy Wood’s “In the Public Eye” articles in the September issue of The Lutheran Witness have given me new hope. Too much news today tells us of problems in our government. I have stopped reading much of it, as it leaves me feeling “down.”

The LCMS people you profiled are in places of employment as leaders working for our Christian spirituality and for our Lord. I also feel now that there are probably more who need to be thanked and prayed for.

God bless you and your work.

Helen W. Wheeler
Joliet, Ill.


Thank you for Sandy Wood’s “[Lutherans] in the Public Eye” article! It is amazing to know of our LCMS presence in Congress and of the work Timothy Goeglein does on behalf of us citizens of faith in Christ. It is surprising (and humbling) even more to me than most due to my employment with the Maine Family Policy Council, which has been associated with Focus on the Family since 1990.

It is encouraging to know of the important work of these Missouri Synod Lutherans, especially when you live in a place like Maine, where relatively few share your LCMS faith.

Mike Hein
Augusta, Maine


Just a quick note to say “thanks” for the profiles of well-known Lutherans. I was surprised to see my husband’s boss first on the list, and it made me realize how the contentious climate at American Airlines right now between employees and management is only a temporal issue, and that our common faith is more important than salary negotiations!

I also appreciated reading about the congressional representatives, and others, in Washington D.C., and how they are always mindful of their commitment to Christ in their daily work.

As always, we appreciate your good work on your Web site!

Gretchen Olson
Roscoe, IL


Concerning “In the Public Eye” in the September Lutheran Witness: If you were attempting to honor work for Labor Day, did you have to feature only professional people? Were there no LCMS waitresses, plumbers, or mechanics? If your car breaks down, are you going to call your congressman? If your washing machine quits, are you going to call Miss America? Also, you made it sound like it is an honorable thing to work 12 to 18 hours a day. If some of these professional people really do work that much, you can’t tell me they are paying much attention to their families, or even getting enough sleep. Please try to get in touch a little more with the real world.

Dwight M. Henderlong
Michigan City, Ind.


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