Remaining faithful

The articles in the September Lutheran Witness regarding planting new churches raise deep concerns. Nowhere in any of those articles is there any mention of closed Communion or faithfulness either to Scripture or the Lutheran Confessions. Instead of honoring our fathers and mothers in the faith by holding to true historic Lutheran worship, “blended” and “praise style” worship are touted; these are at best revivalistic in nature, not Lutheran.

Why are “the congregation’s warm embrace and the pastor’s outgoing personality” touted as a congregation’s strengths instead of faithfulness to God’s Word, right preaching and teaching, and right administration of the Sacraments?

Is it any wonder why, when folks leave these types of congregations and move to an area of the country where there are few if any Lutheran churches, they will feel very much at home in Baptist or non-denominational churches? Your Ablaze! money is supporting the teaching that there is no difference.

Rev. Gregory J. Schultz
St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church
Campbell Hill, Ill.


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