Being Prepared, Lending a Hand

by Kim Plummer Krull

The Haiti earthquake makes us think about how we can help suffering survivors and also about how we can prepare if a disaster hits close to home.

Disaster preparation: LCMS World Relief and Human Care offers two disaster preparedness resources for families and congregations:

  • Preparing to Meet the Challenge, a free, downloadable 136-page disaster-preparedness manual designed for congregations that also includes tips on family preparedness. Check out the list of recommended supplies to stock in your own emergency kit, including water (one gallon per person per day), non-perishable food (at least a three-day supply), and a flashlight and extra batteries. Download the manual at
  • LCMS World Relief and Human Care survival kits, a vinyl, zippered bag that includes the Where Is God Now? devotional and a list of suggested basic emergency supplies. (Supplies do not come with the kit.) Fill a kit for your household or as an outreach project. Each kit costs $6. To order, visit the previously mentioned LCMS WR-HC online store link.

About the Author: Kim Plummer Krull is an editor-at-large for The Lutheran Witness and a member of St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Des Peres, Mo.

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