Providing solace from society

It has been my recent experience that many churches, including Lutheran churches, appear to be emphasizing contemporary technology. This takes the form of screens, amplified instruments (usually guitars), and monitor stations. In some churches, the architecture accommodates the monitor station, which is plainly visible. Often the amplified music is loud. The lyrics may not always reflect Lutheran theology.

I do not understand why “loud” should be a part of any worship setting. Neither do I understand why this equipment should be so obvious to those in attendance. In fact, each of these things, in my opinion, is a distraction from the main purpose of worship.

Additionally, it seems to me that this is some type of elevation of technology to an unnecessary level. Is this another example of the church following the world rather than leading it, or providing a solace from the secular society in which we live?

John K. Jenkins
Mason, Mich.


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