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The leading editorial of President Matthew Harrison could not have been better focused or more timely. We are lifelong Lutherans–in fact, former medical missionaries in both Asia and Africa–who left the ELCA a year ago to the security and solid confession of Christ that characterizes the LCMS. It was a difficult and wrenching decision for us. However, we could no longer abide the ELCA disregard for Holy Scripture and drift to a secular agenda of sexual license and aggressive feminism. Thank you, President Harrison and the rock-steady LCMS, for taking us in, refugees from Lutheran theological confusion and moral relativism.

Grace E. Holmes, MD and Frederick F. Holmes, MD
Shawnee, Kan.

I’ve just begun to read the Special Report issue of the Lutheran Witness (May 2011). Two items quickly caught my attention: (1) that the Fan into Flame campaign has cost more and produced less than expected; (2) that with a few simple calculations the table of district pledges and baptized membership can make for some interesting observations.

I computed several averages, but one was enough: The average amount pledged per baptized member is just shy of $6.94. If each baptized member could/would give $1 more directly to Synod for the year, an additional $2,312,111 would become available in unrestricted gifts for FY 2011–12. The new total would be $18,347,726.
I trusted previous Synod administrations, and I’m not stopping now. I’ll count on God to superintend it all; after all, it’s His church, His money and, since we are baptized, you and I are His too.

Rev. William Carr
St. Louis, Missouri


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