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I agree with Rev. Herb Schiefelbein 100 percent regarding The Lutheran Witness allowing only two lines “In Memoriam” for our deceased workers of our Synod. Please, let’s return to our previous way of informing readers about these deceased workers and their families.

Doris Lussky
Gainesville, Fla.

Abbreviating the obituary information of those pastors and teachers who have gone home to our Lord is a mistake. The prior, more complete format honored them better and did not deny the reader immediate access to interesting documentation of where the Holy Spirit led these servants of the Word. And it spoke to the depth and scope of their ministries. What amazed me, though, was that some committee at a national convention actually took the time to come to discuss and decide this matter. Surely their time could have been used more productively and importantly. I hope I do not sense creeping bureaucratic centralization and micro management in our LCMS.

Rev. John Hintz
Loudon, Tenn.

In the decision to omit details of those who have gone before us in the In Memoriam section, you are depriving thousands of people who have no access to the Internet. We’re thinking particularly of our older members. What about them? The Lutheran Witness is their only pipeline for information about their Synod. Please resume publishing this information ASAP. Our elderly and homebound folks deserve access to this information, as The Lutheran Witness is their only conduit of Synod news and historical information.

Rev. Curt Schneider
Brownwood, Texas

Thank you for the fine job you have done at streamlining and modernizing our official church publication. Keep up the good work. The articles are timely and interesting. It is always read on the day it arrives. The one thing I miss is the longer notifications of death (In Memoriam). It is rather sad that after a fine soldier of the cross has run the course and finished the race, the most we can offer is a cold two lines. At the next convention, I would hope you can suggest maybe a few more lines of print in honor of the departed servants of the King.

Rev. Donald C. Illian, em.
Hudson, Iowa

Please start including the information about the Pastors in the “In Memoriam” section of The Lutheran Witness. Being 82 years old, many pastors who are listed I have served with, and we were at the seminary together or in the districts I served. I am not that great on the computer. By accident I found the complete listing of the information for the April 2011 issue. It would be so appreciated by us older pastors to be able to read it in each copy of the Witness. In talking with other pastors in my circuit of the Northwest District, they also would like this to included each month.

Pastor Albert Schudde
Mt. Vernon, Wash.


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