Positive changes

We can’t say enough about the new LW format and content and especially appreciate the theme-based issues. It really helps deliver a complete perspective on the subject matter.

Beth and David Ritter
Brainerd, Minn.

Thank you for your outstanding work in reshaping The Lutheran Witness. The design is pleasing and modern, while the content has improved markedly. I will be encouraging my congregation members to subscribe.

Rev. Christopher Esget
Alexandria, Va.

I am very happy that in two recent The Lutherans Witnesses (February and March) the topic of vocation was presented with the explanation that we all have a vocation if the work that we do is in faith and to the glory of God. Please continue to hold this up in future issues.

Robert Denkert
Milwaukee, Wisc.

I want to thank you for the recent articles on sin, death and resurrection in the March and April issues of The Lutheran Witness that teach our wonderful Lutheran doctrines. I can’t get enough!

Susan Eubanks
Edwardsville, Kansas

What perfect timing! Less than two weeks after I lost my beloved wife of 63 years, I received the pre-Easter issue of The Lutheran Witness, full of articles on death, dying and the resurrection. It was very informative and comforting.

Bob Drews
Huntington Beach, Cali.


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