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Only You Can Prevent Church Fires   
A few years ago in December, I visited my friend’s church. The service was beautiful, but when it came time for the sermon, the pastor spoke a long time and my attention waned. Suddenly, I heard him call out, “There’s a fire going on in here!” Thinking that the sermon was becoming much more interesting, I glanced up. Two ushers had raced to the front of the church and were extinguishing the Advent wreath, which had caught on fire.

Carolyn Bolz
Riverside, Calif.


What’s Cookin’?

Our vicar was giving the children’s sermon to a group of young children gathered at the foot of the altar. It was the story of Jesus returning to heaven after finishing His mission on earth. The vicar got to the place where the disciples were standing, staring up to the sky, and the angels appeared next to them. He asked, “What did the angels say that the disciples should do instead of looking up into the sky?” One five-year-old piped up, “Go to lunch!”

Robert Schatz
Edmond, Okla.

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