Two Kinds of Authority

The April 2012, issue of The Lutheran Witness was excellent.  It covered the testimony given by President Harrison to the House of Representatives’ Committee on Oversight and Government Reform very well.  It was very much to the point and left no doubt as to where the LCMS stands on current political and moral issues.  Hopefully the politicians in Washington will pay attention.  It makes me very proud of the LCMS and its excellent leadership.  May God bless them.

Howard Russell
Selma, Ala.


The policies of the current administration have forced many of us as Christians to re-evaluate the role of secular government.  I am pleased the Witness has addressed the fact government is running rough-shod over basic tenants governing our daily lives.

This highlights a looming problem that will force us as Christians to evaluate the role of political parties.  One platform (the basic beliefs of the party) offers women the right to choose death for their unborn babies and a definition of marriage completely foreign to biblical principles. Is this a choice for LCMS Christians?
Jerry Crew 
Webb, Iowa


I would like to ask Mr. Parton one question. Consider a man who rejects the Gospel. Does he have an intellectual problem that can be solved through thinking and reasoning or does he have a spiritual problem that can only be solved by the Holy Spirit working through the Gospel? No one has ever found salvation at the end of a logical syllogism.

Dr. John W. Tape
Wichita, Kan.


Thanks for Craig Parton’s recent Lutheran Witness article on the importance and need for apologetics in the life of God’s people, including LCMS people.  May the Holy Spirit prod and empower more of us to bear a winsome and faithful witness in these latter days.

I would most certainly pray that our LCMS seminaries today provide required and quality courses in sound biblical apologetics.  Our times and the Lord’s counsel in 1 Peter 3:15 demand nothing less.

Heartfelt appreciation to the Lutheran Witness staff and contributors for their excellent printed ministry in both content and appearance. 

Rev. William Redeker, emeritus
Sheboygan, Wisc.


The April issue is inspiring, a succinct presentation of the biblical response to many of the problems facing the United States today.  To know that the LCMS maintains a stance that is true to the Word of God is such a blessing and a difficult thing to find among many denominations.  Thank you for providing this collection of articles, which gives a clear understanding of the problems covered along with a sound Christian response.  

Dr. Harrison is to be applauded for his presentation at the congressional committee hearing.  Contrary to the news headlines, the Church does, indeed, care about women. 
Rosie Petersen
Rochester, Minn.


I finished reading the April issue of the Lutheran Witness last evening and am personally very pleased to see something about politics/government in it. Our Lutheran churches avoid these topics. This is the “elephant in the room” that we seem to skirt around. Thanks for the good articles on a timely subject.

Marilin Ginnow
Jackson, Mich.


I just read the transcript of Dr. Harrison’s testimony before the Congressional committee in the current Lutheran Witness. It made me proud to have this man representing us. What a fine exposition of what we believe, teach and confess on issues that threaten us today. I hesitate to use the word require, but I wish all our members would/could read this.

Dorothea Jaster
Torrance, Calif.


President Harrison does not appreciate deeply enough how co-opted he was by the political system. Surely, he refused the bait to “carte-blanche condemn the Obama administration.” However, the fact that “our antagonists weren’t even in the room” tells how the whole affair was political theater for partisan purposes. His mere presence at the hearing was “a grenade” lobbed at the Obama administration. That is how the committee set up the hearing. He bit the bait.

Jim Metcalf
Jenison, Mich.


The April Lutheran Witness edition dealing with “Two Kinds of Authority” failed to give us guidance on what we as believers should do when once all our efforts through legal/political channels fail and we are forced to finally decide whether to obey God rather than man.

Rev. Eric Kilmer
Marlette, Mich.


Congratulations. Very well done and, most of all, timely considering the political climate in today’s world and the USA. We are using the April issue as a motivational and study guide recommendation in our congregation. As a matter of practice, our congregation automatically subscribes to LW for all member families.

Dick Hermes
Huntington Beach, Calif.


The recent Lutheran Witness story of an appearance before a House Committee (April 2012), signals a fresh fire of faith rejuvenation . . . a wake-up call . . .  in the courageous remarks of Pastor Matthew Harrison in the “monkey cage” where he gives important testimony before the House Committee on  Government Oversight. The Church needs this kind of public courage.  As a former professor of government, soldier, and global researcher,I am convinced that the necessity of such Martin Luther kind of Christ-like vision, exhibited by Pastor Harrison needs to be widely disseminated and discussed.

Those who stereotype Lutherans as quietists, pietists and slovenly silent in the care of women, the vulnerable and the marginalized . . . locally and globally . . . need to reread, revisit and reflect on what Lutheran leader Matthew Harrison, means by living with “undeserved grace, unconditional grace, and unlimited grace” in a world of dying, demonism and deceit . . .  we can only pray that the governmental representatives heard this moment of grace.

Dr. Albert Jabs
Lexington, SC


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