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The ultimate safety net

We can’t safeguard our loved ones from every danger. We’re only human. But there is One who provides ultimate protection — Jesus Christ.

Podcasting: The next frontier?

A radio producer answers common questions about podcasting: What is it? Who listens? And (most importantly) should my church try it?

When you are criticized …

When facing criticism, do you respond with denial? despair? defensiveness? Or do you instead see (and seize) the opportunity to learn and grow?

From chat room to church

Online connections can lead to in-store purchases or in-person coffee dates, but they can also draw people to the Church and to the saving Word of God.

A handmade holder on a pew used for the disposal of individual communion cups is framed by Christmas trees at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Collinsville, Ill., on Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. LCMS Communications/Erik M. Lunsford
Keeping Christmas

“Keep Christ in Christmas!” the billboards and yard signs tell us. But what does it mean for us to keep both “Christ” and “Mass” in Christmas?

Flying with Luther on the 500th

When Victor Nelson flew from Albany to Louisville on Reformation Day, he brought along a costume, a bag of KitKats — and a heart for sharing the Gospel.

Embrace — don’t skip — Advent

Most of us choose to skip Advent for the soft glow of a secularized holiday. But what if we gave this wonderful, preparatory season our full attention?

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