Searching Scripture

Five Fatherhood Examples from the Father of Us All

by Rev. Kevin Vogts Malachi 2:10 asks, “Have we not all one Father? Has not one God created us?” Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June is a civil holiday and not a traditional observance of the Church Year. However, it is from Scripture and especially the example of our heavenly Father Himself that

Searching Scripture

by Kevin Vogts It is unfortunate that when we hear the word stewardship the first thing that comes to mind for most modern Christians is money.  Biblically speaking, money is only one part of a life of Christian stewardship. According to Rom. 6:23, what do we all deserve from God on account of our sins? 

If Christ Had Not Been Raised

by Rev. Kevin Vogts Some theologians, ancient and modern, have suggested that Christ’s resurrection was not physical, but only either symbolic or spiritual. Sadly, in many church bodies today, this view is not only tolerated but, in some cases, even predominant. Already in the New Testament era, there were false teachers at Corinth casting doubt

To Dust You Shall Return

by Rev. Jared Melius A new practice in Lutheranism that has become popular quickly is the Service of the Imposition of Ashes conducted on Ash Wednesday. The sign of the cross is smeared upon the forehead while the words of Gen. 3:19 are repeated: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

The Final Crescendo

by Rev. Jared Melius The Transfiguration of Our Lord is the final crescendo of the season of Epiphany before the Church’s abrupt descent into Ash Wednesday and Lent. The earthly event is remembered as the greatest manifestation of our Lord’s glory while yet in His state of humiliation. Nevertheless, the Lord still has His greatest

The Boy Jesus

by Rev. Jared Melius In the face of numerous adjustments to our lectionaries over the past generation, our churches still encounter one very important passage nearly every January—the account of Jesus as a young boy in the temple (Luke 2:41–52). This is a blessing. Aside from various accounts of our Lord’s passion and crucifixion, not

Christmas Presence

by Rev. Steven B. Borst When we were children, Christmas was about presents. The beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree—trimmed with ribbon, bows, and name tags—captivated our imagination. As Christmas Day drew near, the anticipation became almost unbearable as we dreamed about what those pretty packages might actually produce. Now that we are older, Christmas

Our Advent Prayer: Thy Kingdom Come

by Rev. Steven B. Borst Ilustration © Advent is possibly the most misunderstood season in the church year. Let’s face it: we tend to take our cues on how to prepare for Christmas more from Macy’s than from the manger. Could it be that the Church has largely forgotten the purpose of Advent? Most

A Modern Reformation

by Rev. Steven B. Borst In the year 1517, on the evening before All Saints, the Castle Church in Wittenberg was prepared for the festival services to be held the next day. Inside the church, 19,000 relics were laid out to be adored by the arriving throng of worshipers. Outside the church doors, however, a

With All the Company of Heaven

The Lutheran Service Book includes a list of commemorations and festivals honoring God for His work through various people in Scripture and in the history of the Church. But one is different than all the others: St. Michael and All Angels.

‘He Has Lifted Up the Lowly’

by Rev. Christopher D. Hall Illustration: The Visitation by Bonvicino; vol. 34 of the Bowyer Bible; Wikimedia Commons In the summer of 2004, the Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece, for the first time since 1896. In the home of the Olympics, the host country made many references to its pre-Christian past—and to the

Remembering Our Past, Celebrating Our Present, Anticipating Our Future

by Rev. Donald Anthony As I prepare this Bible study, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, its officers, delegates, and members are preparing for, and praying for, our Synod’s 64th Regular Convention in Houston, Texas. This year, among many matters, the convention, our church’s official legislative body, will review and vote on proposed changes to how our

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